Special Whitetail Deer Private Land Achery Hunt

We are offering a special early-season private-land archery hunt for Whitetail Deer. We have leased this private land for your exclusive use and have put many hours of work into its preparation so you have the best possible chance at that trophy Whitetail Deer of your dreams.

What's Included

  • Guided, first day guided or land orientation (depends what you want)
  • Several private properties including farm land & bush areas, anywhere from 80-850 acre parcels
  • Hunt preparation starts as soon as the snow melts. Mineral blocks are distributed as well as baiting from feed barrels
  • Shooting lanes are maintained in order to provide a 25-30 yard shot from ground blind or tree stand
  • Includes 7 day housekeeping cabin & Wednesday evening meal
  • License and export permit not included
  • Hanging, cut & wrap service available

Please Note:

Harvested Whitetails need to be 8 points beyond the ears minimum. We plant food plots on our leased private land and it attracts plenty of Whitetail Bucks that are 8 points beyond the ears.