Grouse Hunting

September 15th – December 31st

We are located south of Dryden and on the other side of Wabigoon Lake from town. There are hundreds of miles of game trails, hiking trails, ATV paths and old logging roads where you have access to the best Grouse hunting imaginable. The forest is just swarming with Grouse and they are all out moving around on a nice sunny fall day.

In our area 95% of grouse in Northwestern Ontario are Ruffed Grouse but there is the odd Sharptail Grouse and Spruce Grouse. The Spruce Grouse tend to hide in the thickest bush while the Sharptails like open areas around fields.

Cast & Blast Special

The cool crispness of the fall air will transform the landscape into hues of reds, oranges and yellows – it’s time to clean up the shot gun, it’s hunting time! Cool water brings the fish in shallow, and the cool air summons the Grouse to feed heavily in preparation of winter. We have endless networks of trails and roads that are prime grounds to attract the prize bird of the North the Ruffed Grouse. Also abundant and great table fare are Spruce Grouse, and on a rare occasion you might even get a bead on the flighty Sharp Tail Grouse.

This is a new package we are offering from September 15 – December 31. Regular all inclusive price for this package is $560.00 per person, up to two people per boat